2014 State Meeting Photos

Raann and Susan

RaAnn Miller and Susan Kipp waiting for annual meeting to begin.

Liz and Crump

Elizabeth Crump looking over the program.

Debra Liz Allison Grace

Debra Cotrill, Liz Creed, Allison Lewis and Grace Angotti participating in group work.

Rachael Brook and Sally

Rachael Price, Brook Jenkins-Howard, and Sally Mineer networking during a break..

Jennifer Tresa Ahren

Jennifer Cummins, Tresea Maull and Ahren George enjoying time during a break.

EKU Students

Students from Eastern KY University getting ready for the student unit meeting.


Katie Coleman talking to exhibitor and looking at textbooks.

Lora Kim Whitney

Lora, Kim Henken and Whitney Hilterbran enjoying a break.

Liz Lora Allison

Liz Creed, Lora, Allison Lewis discussing their AAFCS Leadership Academy notes..

Anna and Sarah

Anna Sullinger presenting Outstanding Leader Award to Sarah Raikes.

Anna And Shelby

Anna Sullinger presenting Shelby Rose the Outstanding Student Award.

Shelby Anna and Caylen

Anna presenting Scholarship Awards to Shelby Rose, University of Kentucky and Caylen Badgett, Eastern Kentucky University

Past Presidents

Past KAFCS Presidents present for the Closing Session and luncheon..

Anna and Amber

2014-15 Officers.