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Betty Lamp Reproductions
Reproduction iron Betty Lamps have been made by Tom Butrum, a Kentucky craftsman. They are suitable for display in the home or office, for use in installation ceremonies, or in family and consumer science meeting or educational functions. The smaller size lamp can be used for decorating your desk, a small shelf, or Christmas tree, and can also be worn as a unique necklace. Show your support for our tradition and profession! View detail

Ornament Stand for Large Lamp, Black

14" Black wrought iron stand for hanging
larger betty lamp (sold separately). Designed and
made by Tom Butrum, craftsman who made
betty lamps for KAFCS. View detail

1. Large Betty Lamp
$50.00 each

2. Small Betty Lamp
$30.00 each
3. Stand for Small Lamp
$6.00 each
4. Stand for Large Lamp
$25.00 each
FCS Board
Made of Kentucky Hardwoods 7x12inches
5. FCS Board
$30.00 each
History of the Betty Lamp
1 page suitable for framing
6. Betty Lamp History (1p.)
$1.00 each
($1.00 S&H)
Installation Script of the Betty Lamp
1 page
7. Installation Script
(using lamp)
$1.00 each
($1.00 S&H)
Pattern for Quilted Wall Hanging
Order a pattern and make your own quilted wall hanging with the Betty Lamp motif (finished quilts not available) View detail

8. Pattern for Quilted Wall Hanging
($1.00 S&H)
Pencil Holder
Made of Kentucky Hardwoods 4x3inches
View detail

9 Pencil Holder

Shipping and Handling (except where noted)
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$5.00 each item

Prices subject to change.
Allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Ordering from the Betty Lamp Shoppe

To order the items in our catalog, use this Order Form. Simply complete all of the information, including your home and shipping address, item quantity, item subtotal, shipping and handling charge for each item, and the total amount. Mail your order to the address below with your enclosed check or money order made payable to KAFCS:

c/o Sally Mineer
114  Sidney Drive 
Mount Sterling, KY  40353